Wedding Update

Today me and my fiancé are going to register for the wedding! I am really excited to think about the future and the things that we will use to build our life together (ok I sound totally cheesy….and who am i kidding?!?! It’s the things I will use)

I also wanted to share with you a new obsession that has nothing to do with weight loss. I use this stuff like it is crack….

Washi Tape!

IMG_0913This stuff is so amazing if you have not ever tried it. It is a craft tape. I use in my planner and I also use it for gift wrapping and things of all sorts. I originally got the idea off of Pinterest to use it in my planner. It is so amazing!

r+hwashiplansIt keeps me so organized. I purchased my tape off of Amazon. If you also go to and search washi tape you will find tons of it as well.


Update to Yesterday: My family is HUGE into snowmobiling, like going on trips for days and what not. So I pulled out my snowmobile helmet (similar to one for a motorcycle, but mine is double insulated) we went to an empty deserted building parking lot, after watching YouTube videos on what to do and what changes with a passenger. I hopped on the back of his motorcycle and we did well….

until we crashed

I am just kidding…. We DID NOT crash!!! It all went fine. I wouldn’t say I am comfortable riding on the back yet. I think I would rather get my own bike. The only trouble I had was with the leaning, I couldn’t see around him so I didn’t know which way we were turning until we were turning. He did really well with me on it. I think I would just like to be in control (Ha…who am I kidding…..thats my personality…. I like control, so why would this be any different)



4 thoughts on “Wedding Update

  1. They have decent endorsement programs. Are you thinking of doing that? I did and it was like 2-day training on safety and practicing riding, then taking the test which is a little difficult.

    • I didn’t even know you could do something like that! I think I would like to do something like that. I have been on a lot of mopeds and scooters that I have drove myself but not on the back of anything

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